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         Update as of 7/15/20 

In May, we used our mid-week connection video to give an update on the life and ministry of Hope Church during Phase 3 of COVID-19. We reminded you at that time that we serve another King and are citizens and an embassy of another Kingdom, yet we have been assigned human kings and governors by God to whom we are to show obedience and respect. In light of entering Phase 4 in the state of Illinois, and the reality that this phase may well extend well into 2021, we want to give you a brief update on how we are planning to do ministry at Hope Church for the foreseeable future. More details will come from other communications, staff, and lay leaders. This overview will involve four aspects.

First, Corporate Worship.

  • We will continue to offer online resources for the foreseeable future.
  • We plan on continuing outdoor services through the summer and into early fall (Sept).
    • It is the safest way to have social distance, corporate singing, and cleanliness.
    • This also gives us time to get the supplies and preparations made for moving indoors.
  • Our plan is to move indoors in the fall with the following practices and guidelines:
    • We will have live preaching and music in the Worship Center, and do live streaming in at least two other venues, including Fellowship Hall and Drake Hall.
    • Each venue will have their own entrance/exit as well as restrooms.
    • Singing will take place at the end of the service – masks are required (henceforth!).
    • We are planning to have identical services on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, allowing time for cleaning/sanitation and for smaller numbers in venues.
    • Similar to our outdoor services, registration will be required.

Second, Mid-Sized Groups (20-50 people).

  • Beginning in the fall, we will allow for scheduled mid-sized groups to meet in the church for regular ministry activities (e.g., mom’s group or youth group).
    • Rooms would be designated or reserved to accommodate social distancing, a bathroom assigned, and attendance will be taken.
    • Meeting times would be limited to 90 minutes, masks required, only one room each day for sanitation purposes.
    • There will be no food and no singing (saved for corporate worship).
    • Staff or lay leaders will be expected to utilize cleaning stations for sanitation.

 Third, Smaller Groups (less than 20 people).

  • Beginning in the fall, we will allow for smaller groups to meet in the church for regular ministry activities (e.g., small groups).
    • The same expectations apply as stated above for mid-sized groups.
    • Some of these groups may utilize homes, as they have done before.
  • We will require registration, flexibility, proper social distancing practices, and sanitation practices.

 Fourth, Church Office and Ministry Staff.

  • Even when the building was closed, ministry never stopped – and it will not!
    • The church office is currently open from 10am-2pm Mon-Thurs, but staff are working regular hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Thurs, 9am-noon Fri, Sunday morning, and other times as required.
    • Phones are being answered, meetings are being held, and work is getting done.
  • Questions still remain (AWANA, senior saints, retreats, etc) and more decisions need to be made.
  • Here is what we ask of you, brothers and sisters: respond to this time by loving God, loving neighbor, and loving one another – receiving and doing ministry as an embassy of the Kingdom in the Stateline area.


         Update as of 3/18/20 

Dear Church,

In light of ongoing developments and continually changing CDC recommendations, we wanted to take a moment to keep the Hope Church family updated on our current operational status.  Ministry is ongoing, and in many ways new opportunities open before us each day, but in order to stay safe and protect our people and the community we call home, we have instituted the following changes.
We do not feel like we can be faithful to the community standards for quarantine while constantly filtering groups and individuals through our physical campus on Elevator Rd. However, we have ample opportunity to give and receive ministry during this time. You will find specific examples of how this is being carried out in the sections below.

  • Sunday Morning Online Worship Experience
    • Of all the ways that the church can engage, we have always prioritized coming together weekly to praise our heavenly Father and open his word together on Sunday morning:  this is no different during this unique time.  For this reason, we will be facilitating an online worship experience each week that involves the same elements of worship, prayer offering, and word in a familiar way.
    • The best way to join us for worship is by visiting our website at  At the top of our home page you will find a link updated every Sunday morning that will take you directly to a YouTube playlist already loaded with the elements of our worship service in a familiar order.  You will get any relevant announcements, pray along with our staff, worship in song and finally open the word of God as a church family. 
  • How to Reach Staff
    • As we have already stated, the building is closed.  We will be keeping the office open through Friday the 20th, but starting next week Monday the physical office will be closed as well. Our phone lines are still open! It is important that you know that your church staff is still working and fully available to you during this time, and pastors are still accessible. Please contact us via phone or email for any needs you may be experiencing or even those you are aware of for others in our body.  While hygienic restrictions may change the delivery format of certain types of care, ministry should in no way be hindered during this time.  We are still the people of God, and your leadership team wants to facilitate ministry for the whole church family during this season.
  • How to Access and Offer Care
    • Even before the unique challenges of the COVID-19 virus, we have always felt that ministry is not simply done by those who work at a church. Scripture clearly paints a beautiful picture of God’s people caring for each other in the daily rhythm of a life lived together.  This practiced pattern of mutual care becomes so much more critical in times of crisis. In order to help us meet these sorts of needs, we have created 2 forms on our web page that can be used to either request or offer care. 
      • If you need to help, please fill out the “I NEED HELP” form, and someone will get back to you to try and meet your need.  
        • Here is where we want to pause a moment and speak directly to our elderly brothers and sisters, and other members of our body who are “at higher risk for developing more serious complications from the COVID-19 illness.” (CDC)  In keeping with the current public health guidelines, we would encourage you to avoid public places and instead allow us to serve you. Can we help you get groceries, stamps, household items, or medical supplies? Can we deliver carry-out or curbside meals? Or would you just like a phone call, or for someone to pray with you? We have a growing list of volunteers who want to help! Please feel comfortable asking for help; this is what the body can do for each other.  
      • If you can offer help, please fill out the “I CAN HELP” form to let us know what services you can offer during this time. All of us have something to offer our brothers and sisters. Maybe you have some toilet paper for your neighbor. Maybe you can deliver groceries. Or maybe you could be simply be available to call a brother or sister in Christ who feels lonely and isolated during this uncertain time.

We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis, and as necessary communicate more guidelines and boundaries for our ministries.

In Christ,

The Hope Church Staff & Elders

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