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Greg Lynas

Greg Lynas

Pastor of Worship and Implementationoffice: 815-623-6545 (ext. 103)

Greg Lynas Was raised in Louisiana and Texas, but his southern upbringing had more impact on his favorite foods than his accent. He has been passionate about leading God’s children in musical worship ever since he began full time ministry in 2003 as a student pastor. In September of 2021, he transitioned into the role of Worship Pastor to devote more energy towards guiding Hope Church in the context of corporate worship.  He is dedicated to creating a multigenerational worship environment that glorifies God and helps shape our hearts as a body.  This means exploring the voice of the current generation while continuing to celebrate the treasure trove of songs that have endured throughout the history of the church.

 Greg believes true relational connections are vital to forming genuine community and are to be celebrated in the deep, challenging moments as well as the goofy relaxed times. Flowing from this passion, Greg’s role also helps us think through how to help people in our body and community feel welcome and informed about how Hope Church can care for and be a home for anybody in our community.  Feel free to reach out to Greg with any questions about our Worship Ministry, First Impressions Ministry, or Community Outreach opportunities.  Greg has been married to Beth since 2001, and together they have 3 boys: Sam(2003), Owen(2007), and Charlie(2009).